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GW Creators Strategy Development
GW Creators values simplicity

To deliver value to our customers simply and effectively.

About Us

GW Creators is a brand innovation and management company
with operations in Kenya since 2011.

We are comprised of a team of young versatile professionals with a passion for using digital innovation to power Africa's businesses.

Through digital media, we help businesses build brands, increase sales, improve processes and reduce costs.

We value Simplicity
We are Agile
We Collaborate
We Love What We Do
And Have Fun While At It

Our Team

Just a bunch of curious minds.

We speak within curly brackets of code, excited by numbers, new stuff, #hashtags and digital trends, passionate about great design, perfectionists and consume lots of tea.

Our Skills
Research & Analytics
Strategy Development
Content Development
Product Development


We offer tailored solutions based on your business goals.

We Also Do
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • SMS & Email Marketing.
  • Digital Media Buying.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Market Research.
Our Process
  1. Listen & understand.
  2. Think & plan.
  3. Design & feedback.
  4. Produce & test.
  5. Measure & support.
GW Creators Services - Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy
GW Creators Services - Brand Identity
Brand Design
GW Creators Services -Web Hosting
Web & Email Hosting
GW Creators Services - Website Design
Digital Assets Development
GW Creators Services - Social Media Management
Digital Assets Monetization

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Our Work

We exist to power Africa's Businesses.

Here are some of the brands and projects we have been honoured to be part of.

Why GW Creators?

We are invested in Africa's businesses

The story of GW Creators is a story of a digital marketing startup trying to find business solutions for it's own business problems back in 2011. We found our solutions in technology.
Since then we have continously invested in digital assets and expertise to realize an eco-system that empowers our customers' businesses to run efficiently and achieve excellence.
Today, we employ a combination of cutting edge technology, innovation and best practice in the use of digital media to build respectable African brands.

Brands Powered
Hosted Websites
Websites Developed
Tea Cups

Our customers are our partners in business

We take the journey with each and every one of them.
As partners in business, we strive to excel together.


We are ready to power your brand

Please feel free to contact us through any of the channels above. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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